Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle

Equestria, Ponyville / Hello! My name is Sweetie Belle, and I'm a loyal member of the club The Cutie Mark Crusaders! Don't forget to follow me! C:
Sweetie Belle
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"JC Penny sees your homophobia and raises you a double rainbow" Way to go JC Penny!<< "'and raises you a double rainbow"' isn't getting enough recognition, here

I hate one uppers or people who overly brag. It's very cool to be proud but to act like your better than someone just grinds my gears.

When a Virgo detects that someone is acting out for attention or trying to boast, they will ignore them because they hate attention seekers & vain people.

Hush Now, Quiet Now deviantart

You're the Element of Honesty! Except Fluttershy probably does hold animal funerals or something. I overthink things way to much.


XD I actually think Applejack would have won, with all that applebucking and harvesting and farming she does. XD ^Yeah but that's all done with her back legs, not her front. Fluttershy used a lot of her forelegs in that clip.