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Simple Balsamic Melon Salad... light, refreshing and featuring one of our favorite Italian condiments—#balsamic! #melon #salad

Tanning “addiction” may trigger risky behaviors | Likewise Buzz Tanning is a topic that I revisit with my patients constantly because it is such a risky business. Two new studies bring to light two things that I think are important to address: one, that indoor tanning can be linked to other risky behaviours. Two, that tanners may seeking a natural high.

Have lupus? You should be wearing sunscreen everyday | Likewise Buzz If you have lupus, pay attention: in light of recent research, I want to discuss why protecting your skin from sun exposure is an essential part of lupus management.

Research draws direct link between lifestyle changes & reducing risk of dementia | Likewise Buzz More and more, I am starting to see people I know taking care of people with dementia and it affects me deeply – that’s why it’s triggered me to take a more active outlook on what we can do to help our brains and one day, find a real solution.