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we can do it; go #vegan

Why is it always a pig in these posters. ^pigs are some of the smartest animals and theyre some of the most frequently abused


Calves led to slaughter, many of them males taken from dairy cows immediately after birth and sold for meat because they can't produce milk for the dairy industry.

Go vegan

That bastard has been asleep for to long but just lack a limb that has been lacking proper blood flow THE AWAKENING IS PAINFUL. But it's a good pain because you regaining something that felt as if you lost it.


As long as you buy animals/animal-products, you are literally requesting the deaths of animals. Your money is supporting death. And "free range, cage free, grass fead" doesn't mean anything. There is no such thing as a humane way to kill.

#vegan because my treatment of animals is governed by my sense of right and wrong, not my sense of taste and smell #veganquotes #rightandwrong

besides vegan meals are a lot more delicious than any meals that include dairy, eggs, meat…

The Tragic Life of A Cow

The Life of A Cow (Infographic) - I don't like Peta, but this is sadly accurate. I even asked my local dairy!

eat meat and enjoy it if you want. But this is the fact of it that must be accepted. Vegans care just as much about people.

If torturing animals doesn't make you think, maybe starving children will?

Be plant strong!! Go Vegan! #vegan #PlantBasedDiet

People eat meat thinking they will become as strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass.

“Before I was vegan, I was unaware of the ways in which I contributed to violence against animals. Ignorance is indeed bliss -- but only for those who aren’t the victims.” ~Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

“Before I was vegan, I was unaware of the ways in which I contributed to violence against animals.” ~Colleen Patrick-Go