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a piece of paper with flowers on it next to an envelope and some stringing
Candace Kling
a close up of a head piece on a mannequin
Nautilus Headbands Now In Stock - Imogen's Imagination
three pink flowers sitting on top of a piece of paper
Tasarım harika
a woman is holding up a red, white and blue fan over her head with an american flag design on it
Candace made this piece in the 80's
four different colored flowers are on a pink ribbon with some ribbons around it and one flower is in the shape of a rose
Vintage Cabochon Roses Wreath
four different types of paper flowers on a pink background
Looped Ribbon Cockades
three pieces of art made from pleated fabric sitting on top of a white surface
Vintage Pleated Cockades
three orange and purple flowers on a white surface
Dahlias fashioned from Hanah Silk
Dahlias fashioned frousing 1920's instructionsm Hanah Silk
a red chair with two roses on it's armrests and a metal frame
1980's homage to Salvadore Dali's 1938 Sofa
1980's homage to Salvadore Dali's sofa made in 1938, inspired by Mae West's lips
three different types of ribbons on a table
Variations on a Ruched Bauble
Variations on a ruched bauble, dangling from an 1890's robe tie
a close up of a tie on a blue cloth with gold and black decorations hanging from it's side
Metallic Ribbon Fuchsia with iridescent beaded ballet slippers
Metallic ribbon fuchsia with iridescent beaded ballet slippers
two yellow flowers on a blue background with orange and pink flowers in the middle,
Smocked Daffodil
Candace smocked this daffodil with a Read pleater...lots of needles, lots of knots!
a close up of a ribbon and flower on a purple background with white crochet
Candace made a Rosette Replica from Isabelle Hick's 1920's one.
an art and craft book with two paper flowers on it's cover, one is green and the other is blue
Cockades inspired by a 1950's belt buckle/rosette
Cockades resting on one of ribbonworks' bibles. These are inspired by a 1950's belt buckle/rosette
the back of a woman's purple dress with silver trims and leaves on it
Copied Wired Loop Millinery Bow