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DIY Zebra Paper Mache by a Sharper Focus using tutorial!

DIY Tutorial – Paper Mache Animal Heads

Specifically a zebra head! Meet Zebulon, Sean named him while I was woking on him one day and it stuck. This summer I had the idea of doing a mounted head as an art project and after searching the …

What I made for #3: Reupholstered Glider - crafterhours

What I made for #3: Reupholstered Glider - crafterhours

In the interest of future, differently chromosomed offspring, everything I bought for baby girl #1 was gender neutral. But when I found out that our 3rd and final baby was yet again a big old double X, I went girl-print crazy. You already saw the formerly-green-carseat-turned-floral-liberty-print. Now let me show you the formerly-blue-gingham-glider-turned-floral-AMH-print. (florals and... Read More »

Pallet Antler Wall Art using the distressed wood tutorial!

Pallet Antler Wall Art {Tutorial} - Megan Brooke Handmade

So, I lied. Last week I revealed my pallet antler wall art and told you guys that later in the week I would show you how I made it. Well, clearly that never happened. Sorry about that. I have a lot going on behind the scenes that I can’t wait to share with you guys …

Coconut Love: Lil Boo Blue's Cascading Ruffle Skirt, Adapted

Lil Boo Blue's Cascading Ruffle Skirt, Adapted

This skirt by Lil Boo Blue is the first thing I bookmarked when I started learning to sew, and I am finally making it! I love the vertical ruffles and jagged ends. The ruffles fall because of the way they're cut, there is no gathering. For an example of gathered ruffles, see my tiered ruffle skirt post. (Recognize the yellow sparkle material?) See, the strips are cut in a sort of a horseshoe shape so the inside edge is shorter than the outside. When you straighten the shorter edge or let the…

via @artsyfartsymama: Princess Peg Dolls using @lilblueboo box o' princesses tutorial and @Stephanie Corfee free image download

Princess Peg Dolls

Make your very own princess peg dolls to play with, collect, or to give as gifts! My daughter LOVES everything princess. So, as soon as I saw the adorable Disney-inspired dolls that Lil Blue Boo made, I knew I had to try to make some for my little princess, too! They are all hand-drawn and hand-painted. I've made two sets so far {one for my daughter, and one for a friend's daughter}. I can't wait to make more! What I used: 4x4" Box {to store finished princesses in} 8 wooden peg dolls…

DIY Dress inspired by H using the Cascading Ruffle Skirt tutorial/pattern by Lil Blue Boo!

Film and Thread on

Life through My Lens (images and text copyright 2013 - all rights reserved)

Cool Leather DIY Cuff via Pinafores and Pinwheels! (using the @lilblueboo transfer tutorial)


I did it! I followed an awesome tutorial from Lil Blue Boo and made some leather cuffs! One is for my sis-in-law using Lil Blue Boo's downl...

Adorable costume via @ColesCreations using @lilblueboo tie pattern

Ours was AWESOME! I pretty much got everything done that I wanted to and we had a blast. I didn't have time to make the costumes for the Mr...

Ahsa*tography made three hungry bunnies using the tutorial.

Easter 2013 Fun in Photos

Finally, I have the photos from Easter Weekend ready. There was a trip to the park, some egg dying and good ole quality family time. :D Enjoy! I made these bunnies for each of the kids using this…

Love this Hippo by @taylormadehome: Color Washing and A Paper Mache Hippo Head using Paper Mache tutorial via

Color Washing and A Paper Mache Hippo Head - TaylorMade

Yes you can believe it, I made a Paper Mache Hippo Head. I guess I am officially crazy now :) You know I love the whimsy. I was a little on the fence with the whole animal bust craze but when I saw the Hippo Bust at West Elm and knew I needed to get on board. Then...Read More »

Collect shells from the beach to make your very own mermaid spoons!

Seashell Mermaid Spoons | Sweet Paul Magazine

Spoons made from seashells. Collect shells from the beach to make your very own seashell spoons! These are perfect to use for bowls of salt, sugar, tea or herbs.

My Boat Floats used the paper mache animal head tutorial to make this awesome piece of decor!

Faux and Mini

Faux taxidermy and mini scrap bunting that is. I made the bunting at Craft Weekend . We used felt from BenzieDesign . It only took me 9 months to hang…

via @CollegePrep DIY subway art with download using @lilblueboo tutorial

Lil Blue Boo- Subway Art - CARLY

Do you guys follow Lil Blue Boo? Seriously, the best best best crafting/sewing blog ever. Boo (the daughter) is the most precious thing in the entire world. And Ashley is incredibly talented. I’m so jealous of her painting abilities. [No really, take a look at her portraits!!!] I was showing Soccer Mom some of the...

DIY Circular baby changing pad using @lilblueboo download via @haathse

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Sign made by Greene House Blog using tutorial.

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