Sequins or glitter inside of a lampshade!!!!! AHHHH SO AWESOME

Lampenschirm 45 cm "black & gold sequins"

Great for the inside of a table lampshade that has the side spots to place it in. Needed for a silver lamp. Coat the inside of a lampshade with glitter to create a cool reflective light effect.

Glitter in salt shakers

glitter in salt shakers. how smart is that? I have taken all of my glitter and placed each of them into clear glass salt and pepper shakers. I've placed all of the shakers onto a lovely silver platter.

How to make glittered glassware hand washable. Clean glass w/alcohol. Put plastic bag over top of glass & tape w/blue tape on stem in a straight line. Apply Mod Podge & glitter. Let dry. Apply 1-2 coats of Rust-Olean Lacquer glossy coating. Carefully remove tape when dry. Can do brides colors for shower, 4th of July colors or Christmas colors for parties, matcing china colors for self.

Learn some fun and new ways to add glitter to craft projects. These glitter crafts are easy to complete and will add some sparkle into your life!

Love this...everyone needs a little sparkle :)

For the kids to do: make a glitter vase. Coat inside of vase with Pledge floor cleaner. then put in glitter to cover the floor cleaner, dump out excess. place a clear cup inside to prevent items inside the vase from scratching away the glitter.

glitter flatware and tag

Glitter spoons and tags. Heck, glitter everything! take a plastic spoon paint it your own color on your plastic spoon so then you take your spoon and dip it in the glitter AT THE END OF THE SPOON)for the tag you do the( SAME STEPS )

How to: GLITTER... Everything! (without it falling off)

Glitter... Everything

How to: GLITTER… Everything! (without it falling off) Where has this been ALL my life? How to: GLITTER… Everything! (without it falling off) Where has this been ALL my life?

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