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It's really easy and fun to use; I'm currently using it to learn Spanish. They have an iPhone app as well (that's what I'm using) and they have even more languages to learn (for free!) than are listed above. I highly recommend it.

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The Ultimate Guide for the Best Fall Ever

The Ultimate Guide for the Best Fall Ever, Awesome Family Fun Autumn Bucket List, Outdoor Activities, Apple Recipes, Pumpkin ideas, Fall crafts, This List is GREAT!

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Dave Ramsey's Seven Baby Steps Explained

Are you trying to get debt free, but are wondering what are Dave Ramsey's seven baby steps? Don't worry, they're actually quite easy to follow!

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You can watch every single old Disney movie for free! The movies are broken up into several videos though-kind of annoying but if you don't mind clicking on them every few minutes, you can watch them all.

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How to Declutter: Conquering Decluttering Paralysis

Great post on how to overcome your obstacles to achieving a decluttered and organized home. //

Free Dave Ramsey Budgeting App: Every Dollar

Free Dave Ramsey Budgeting App: Every Dollar. Sign up FREE at

Dave Ramsey: Teach your kids how to save!

6 Surprising Ways to Free Up Space on Your Iphone

No more DELETING apps! These 6 surprising ways to free up space on yoru iphone will be lifesavers!

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