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You just know they're going to call this the Stress Buster or some such thing. Apparently they're having a difficult time finding something to make for the men. Personally I don't need a device to tell me when my stress-eating is going to occur. The spoon in my Nutella jar keeps me well-informed. Article and photo from the BBC - Tech. Smart Wigs. Smart Diapers to detect UTIs. What next?

A bra-mounted sensor system that measures boob sweat and heart activity in order to detect emotional triggers for overeating.

Always a point of contention: when to introduce potential food allergens. This from the CBC: "Babies can try allergy-provoking foods as early as 6 months // Parents don't need to wait to let babies try potential food allergens like peanuts". When (if you have) did you choose to introduce potential allergens to your LOs?

Babies may eat peanuts, eggs and other potential food allergens as early as six months, Canadian pediatricians say.

'My unborn baby saved my life': Mother who didn't even know she was expecting discovers pregnancy hormones had destroyed cancerous tumour.

This woman was diagnosed with a cancer tumour. When she went in to have it removed, she learned that the tumour had disappeared. Doctors discovered that she was seven weeks pregnant, and that her pregnancy hormones had caused the tumour to disappear!

As the year winds down, it's "list" time. Today? Celebrity Babies of the Year. Who's your fave celebrity baby this year? Wonder if any of them use cloth?

As the year winds down, it's "list" time. Celebrity Babies of the Year. Who's your fave celebrity baby this year?

Sometimes I'm amazed that this still happens: breastfeeding mothers being asked to leave because they are nursing their babies in public. But it still goes on. And I don't know why I'm surprised that there are a few states left which have not passed statutes allowing women to breastfeed in public; but I am.

An outraged Connecticut mom, Danielle Gendron, has spoken out after she was ejected from a courtroom for trying to breastfeed her baby son.

Review: lilhelper Organic Cotton Wipes : Macaroni Kid

for every 3 diapers sold 1 is given to a family in need. I love the charcoal bamboo diaper!

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Placed my order today. A great Canadian company with amazing customer service. Why Choose Lil Helper Cloth Diapers over Disposables?

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