L'aspirine est un remède contre les problèmes fongiques des végétaux, tache noire, oïdium ou rouille. Deux comprimés d'aspirine de 325 milligrammes chacun, dissous dans 1 litre d'eau et utilisé en pulvérisation foliaire peuvent contrecarrer ces maladies.

Aspirin is a remedy for fungal plant problems (black spot, powdery mildew, and rust are a terrible trio of fungi). Dissolve two uncoated aspirin tablets milligrams each) in 1 quart of water and use as a foliar spray to thwart these diseases.

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DIY Stone planter, galvanized bucket, planter, gardening Bb this looks like a good project for you :-)

la canelle remplace l'hormone de croissance lors du bouturage!!! à essayer

Gardening Ideas: Cinnamon Makes a Great Rooting Hormone Substitute! (All Things Plants)Use cinnamon as a substitute for rooting hormone. It also kills fungus and bacteria at the same time. I will never buy Rootone again : )

A Succulent Sensation | May 2014 eNewsletter

A Succulent Sensation / May 2014 eNewsletter Hundreds of Echeveria ‘Imbricata’ were used to create this giant lizard sculpture, perfectly placed on a slightly mounded berm for better drainage.

Simple DIY Planter Hangers

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Enrouler la base des plans de tomates avec une peau de banane afin de les nourrir toute la saison

Plant tomatoes with banana peels, organic gardeners use both banana peels and egg shells as their tomato-plant starter fertilizer.

I love trees.

"A tree that looks at God all day, and lifts her leafy arms to pray; a tree that may in Summer wear a nest of robins in her hair, upon whose bosom snow has lain, who intimately lives with rain." -Trees, by Joyce Kilmer


life - reflection - meditation - quote Idea for things of nature that reflect the amazingness of God.

Beautiful Flower | The Ultimate Photos

SYMBOLISM NATURE SYMBOLS-FLOWERS DAHLIA Dahlia’s are spicy flowers, and their meanings range from a sign of warning, to change, to travel, to even a portent of betrayal.