Cappuccino - Who needs a cheese board when you could have a coffee board? Actually, I'll take both.

Would love to sit here and write all day. I imagine myself sitting in a cafe like this next year.

The signage here is different to the other pins as it is in keeping with the store frontage. It's style is quite farm like and I would expect it is a farm shop café. It's a beautiful store front with signage that clearly states it is a café.

the famous carrot cake at rose bakery. (paris)

La "Pose" Gourmande: Carrot Cake Rose Bakery recipe from the book Breakfast, Lunch, Tea Rose Bakery


Bakery shop - Amsterdam I can't even believe I can be in a place like this in less than a year.

Minis-clafoutis Aux Pommes et Chocolat

Minis-clafoutis aux pommes et chocolat

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Ali & Dustin's Reinvented Piece of Denver History: The Black Eye Coffee Shop — Workspace Tour