Head Scarf for those artistic days. Things needed:

14 Tutorials for Bandana Hairstyles

Comb your hair back to a messy bun or any up-do you'd like Take a large square scarf & fold one corner to the other forming a triangle Fold the tip of the triangle down to about the middle & then fold over again (Do not fold all the way to the edge)

This is my first summer in a long time that I’m rocking a medium-length haircut…

20 Easy No-Heat Summer Hairstyles For Girls With Medium-Length Hair

Lace braided updo--simple and perfect for summer! :: Milkmaid Hairstyle:: Braided Updo:: Summer Hair:: Braided Updo ---> For ethnic textures this style is best executed on stretched curls for maximum length.

More ideas
I know how to do all of these :)

Different braid styles. I can only do the Three strand, but my favorite is the ladder.

Cute Girls Hairstyle

I don't like the mini braid but the tutorial for the waterfall part is great. Mini braid would be cool for a hippie or Mermaid costume.

4 braid updo tutorial by caro schnyder

Four Braid Bun Updos: Updo Hairstyle Tutorial.with all my hair, I think it'll be an 8 braid bun undo more likely!

DIY Easy Twisty Bun updo

Easy twisty bun tutorial: almost looks like a messy updo! A Little Slice Of: Easy Twisty Bun messy bun tutorial