Future home

Broccoli House by artist and musician Brock Davis. The house is made out of broccoli, balsa wood, a craft knife and glue. He says, “I couldn’t build a tree house for my son so I built him a broccoli.

Tiny Polaroid magnets

Mini-polaroid pictures as magnets! Perfect gift idea for my dad--he misses Polaroid cameras.


Cannot stop laughing hahahaha. Seriously though, "Kick a Ginger day" is wrong in many ways. <<< omg is this a real thing? I am freaking ginger people, this is not a laughing matter!

The only jewelry a true artist should wear

Have lots of worn down or unused colored pencils laying around? Don't toss them in a box and let them collect dust, make recycled jewelry with this Colored Pencil Jewelry tutorial. They would make a great gift for a teacher!

Your backyard...get it?

Beautiful Garden Fish Pond Design With Waterfall And Mini Patio For Home Backyard Garden Ideas Home Garden Design Ideas With Patio


Kim Burke's favorite past time is scouring for miniature food inspiration. She's completely addicted to clay polymers, her medium for her delectable creations ~~ amazing miniature food sculptures t.

Terrarium Necklace

DIY: How to Make an Enchanting Terrarium Necklace to Keep or Give as a Gift!

Handsoap. Get it?

really creepy little soaps. Imagine washing your hands with another little hand. Not actual doll parts, but a nice addition if you are doing a lot with creepy doll decor.