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High speed photography How-to

How to freeze action when taking high speed photos of subjects such as people in motion, water splashes, or items smashing. Written by Discover Digital Photography January Awarded and published Landscape Photographer Check my home page:

75 Canon photography tips for taking control of your camera

Zooming in on Telephoto Photography Tips

Zooming in on Telephoto Photography Tips I've traveled the world doing travel photography, but this was my first attempt at wildlife photography with a telephoto lens. Every day we have a choice to make; we can sit and coast, or we can push ourselves. This trip to Wrangel Island Russia was a chance to push myself with a new form of photography.

Bird photography tips: how to shoot pin-sharp pictures of birds of prey

In the last section of our tutorial on improving pictures of birds of prey, we offer one of the simplest and most widely used bird photography tips of them all: how to photograph through a fence and make the wires disappear.

Basic Macro Tips

This post comes from my longtime internet friend, Ivoryhut, who has decided to join the madness and mayhem here on And “longtime”, in the internet world, is a relat…

Getting Started with Off Camera Flash {Photography Series}

Natural Light vs Off-Camera Flash: An Eye-Opening Demonstration

See how photographer Manuel Ortiz demonstrates the difference how one off camera flash can make.Take a look at these stunning before and after photos!