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Try this exotic version of a french manicure that can be sported any season! Black, grey stripes, and shimmery tips call for a fun and edgy look.  Get creative with your nails with polish and nail care from a Duane Reade near you.

55 Simple Nail Art Designs for Short Nails: 2016

Oh these are fun for fall! Love the glitter and black. I'd maybe even do one of the stripes on the gray and black nails, in that glitter. Or a silver glitter.

Simple but classy nail art with shinny glitters and jewels =)

12 Manicures For Super Bowl XLVII

Nude nail color and simple rhinestone design. Perfect for any occasion!

Have you ever had your nails done by a salon and thought, ''I can do that''? If you enjoy experimenting with fingernail designs, here are fun examples to try this year!

26 Adorable Pastel Nail Ideas

nailsloversba nailslover nail nailsin nailar bluenail trendynail trend fashionnail fashio cut cutenail mynail lovenails by nails_lovers_bar - instaview.

Black and White Borderline Nail Design for Short Nails

80 Nail Designs for Short Nails

Simple bordered nail design never goes astray. Most of bordered nails will look amazing in any color combo. And it also look gorgeous in white and grey, white and pink or black and red combo.

White/Grey/Black and for the silver use tinsel for a cheaper price. Thanks sista for that suggestion.

Make Your Own Nail Wraps

black, white & silver nails Red, silver& white nails is what I'm wearing for my wedding on to Michael Brown.

Business on the Bottom, Party on the Top, Holiday Nails for Every Party This Season - (Page 17)

Holiday Nails for Every Party This Season

Paint your nails with the season's prettiest, party-ready polishes with our advent calendar of holiday nail art

Colored French Manicure - Fashion Diva Design

10 Metallic Manis for the Unconventional Bride