Food art! #food_art #food art. Eiffel tower carved from a watermelon.

Creative arts is the term used to describe different types of art. These photos of stunning carved watermelon exemplify that fact.

Christmas trees

"I heard you like Christmas trees" There's a recipe for white chocolate dipped strawberries rolled in diff colors sugar! That'd be a pretty fruit tree.

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Edible Art - 16 Most Astonishing Fruit Carvings - Watermelon - Clive Cooper. The Cyborg, the Samurai, The Dragon and many

Pineapple Tree Display with Fruit Monkeys

Pineapple Tree Centerpiece with Fruit Monkeys. Click ★ LIKE ★ if this will make a great centerpiece for your next party . or if you just love the monkeys!

How to Make a Hedgehog Out of a Cantaloupe: Step-by-step instructions for cutting a cantaloupe into a cute hedgehog serving piece for fruit slices.

Simple instructions for carving a cantaloupe into a hedgehog shaped serving bowl. A charming way to serve fruit salad at summer parties and family gatherings.