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DolphinsArt.jpg (670×491)

DolphinsArt.jpg (670×491)

"Sharingan Eye Kakashi" by morbidprince.

"Sharingan Eye Kakashi" by morbidprince. Nice contrast of the eye and the rest of the image XD

Black Butler logic omg

Too much demongasming has a bad influence on Ciel’s ego. XD So, apparently the main plot of the second season is: everybody wants Ciel. I wonder if there is anyone who doesn’t *want* Ciel. (Ok, apa.

Deeeeeeeeeean. Why would you do that?? Destiel is amazing<<<<I don't even ship Destiel but this is adorable

I don't ship Destiel, but this was funny. Ara: I think I'm starting to ship Destiel. Hahahaha so cute and funny.<< I definitely ship Destiel.

Supernatural collage 7 by DeanGrayson

I really didn't plan on becoming a Destiel shipper<<<< I was in such denial for the longest time but I saw pictures like this and I’m like. I ship it.

I don't understand this game by Castielogically on deviantART

I don't understand this game by Castielogically on deviantART<<<LOL