Agi Magyari
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Us Bewafa se Kehna ek Yaar Tha tmhara") ("Tum Zndagi The uski wo Pyar tha Tmhara")

this would be a great tattoo

"Time Heals Everything" tattoo. I don't believe time heals everything, so I couldn't get that quote, but the general idea is neat. Not to mention, the tats very pretty

I'm in love. This is my dream tattoo. I'd love this on my upper back. I'd add tons of colors, pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples.

This is perfect. Other lyrics Ive always wanted "This is me with the words on the tip of my tounge. With my eye through the scope, down the barrel of a gun. Remind me not to ever act this way again. This is you trying hard to make sure that your seen with