All Time Low. I swear we need more people like him walking on this earth.

Go All Time Low! I'm not a huge ATL fan but this might change my mind a little XD

my chemical romance funny - yep I'm going to ask people this and wait for their reaction

(Again, not a song title. Sorry)

What begins with "G" and ends with "ay"? Gerard Way, you peasants

His face is like when I accendentally trip on my pets I'm all like OMG IM SO SORRY!!!!!!! XD

His face is like when I accidentally trip on my pets I'm all like IM SO SORRY!

Now I feel much better about the fact that I constantly forget the lyrics of songs that I love.

he is precious

My favourite time of Ashton with long hair I was, and still am, blessed


Black Jeans white tees black shoes(wish they were CONVERSE!) I saw him he knows he got it right blonde hair blue eyes I saw him, I couldn't help it he's so fine!-money to Luke Hemings remix(based on a true story)