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if that's a J in the middle..this would be perfect to represent my kids :)


.consider the possibility to give yourself permission to feel capable...entertain the fact that you have a level of certainty...and you own your own seniority, and have an aspect of graciousness and presence you hold....This is who I am, there is no apolo

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." Welcome! I am Irish, Catholic, a classical liberal (i.e. modern conservative), pro-life, and a lover of all things...

Yup it's really sad when u lose a best friend, been there to many times :/

Yasss. It freaks me out that sometimes I haven't thought of something in so long I forgot it even happened. I'm so glad we receive the privilege to grow and change. If I had to be the person I used to be, I wouldn't have come even close to where I am now.

On Hitting The Life-Change Lotto

I don't know what's going on because I haven't heard anything YET. I found out that you most certainly have been working against me and getting me to say and do things to further yourself though, so until I know what's going on there's not much I can do.

glamorous. fabulous. charming. fun. flirty. elegant. exciting. delicate. whimsical. wonderful. dramatic. cute. dreamy. alluring. magnificent. daring. enticing. enchanting. charming. sassy. sexy. sweet. artistic. creative. exquisite. stunning. daring....

Loving yourself is important. Your self concept is integral to growth and strength. Pick someone who knows how to respect that and shows you love and respect as well. If not, teach them that you will not tolerate being disrespected. And then carry on.

59 Ways You’re SUCH A Mom | More LOLs & Funny Stuff for Moms | NickMom

59 Ways You’re SUCH A Mom | More LOLs & Funny Stuff for Moms | NickMom