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Fauna - Sea

Salt water creatures (especially nudibranchs!) and their fresh water cousins.

Fauna - Sea

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Fastest Movements In The Animal Kingdom From Curiosity ...

Kissing Koi | Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration - Japanese Art | Japanese carps, Koi fish

Koi fish (kissing) by Yves Rubin

Dolphins know, and have names for each other. It certainly makes dolphin get togethers a lot easier.

These 31 Animal Facts Are Pleasantly Surprising.

Portuguese Man O'War

Nudibranch: Halgerda batangas by Eugene Lim on 500px

Halgerda batangas

Nudibranch: French Kiss by Eugene Lim on 500px

French Kiss by Eugene Lim | 500px

Nudibranch! Chromodoris albopunctata by Eugene Lim on 500px

Chromodoris albopunctata

Baeolidia species 3 Anilao, Philippines

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Chambered Nautilus

bubble-eyed goldfish / 金魚


Sea anemone

Flower anemone

Crocea clam

*Nudibranch (by Enrique Faber)

Nudibranchs: Beautiful Animals You Never Knew About | Scienceray

Sea slug nudibranchia (Armina japonica cf.)

Naked Sea Butterfly

Nembrotha Kubaryana (nudibranch)

Janolus species nudibranch

Spanish shawl (Flabellina iodinea) is a species of aeolid nudibranch native to the west coast of North America, parts of central america and the Galapagos. The Spanish shawl is easily recognizable due to its stunning purple and orange coloration, these bright colors serve as warnings to potential predators that the cerata (orange appendages) are filled with dangerous stinging cells stolen from the cnidarians that they prey on. Phylogeny Animal

fauna — astronomy-to-zoology: Spanish shawl (Flabellina...

Neon Colored Sea Slug

early times - 2/6 - DINCA


Crown of Thorns Starfish, Acanthaster planci

The spanish dancer. Photo by Alexandre Gries