#HolidayShorts: Home At Last

#HolidayShorts from HOME AT LAST by Lily Java. Inspiration for the main characters: Laura Vance and Garrett McClellan
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a heart shaped wreath on top of a chair
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a man in a blue shirt sitting on a bed
Little white hairs but damn😍
#BELLEZZA SENZA FRONTIERE-big box braid #bigboxbraids #longboxbraids #treebraids
#BELLEZZA SENZA FRONTIERE-big box braid #bigboxbraids #longboxbraids #treebraids
a man wearing a black shirt and hat standing in front of a green wall with bushes
Dietrich Riley Photoshoot — Christine Wozz Photography | Weddings Engagements Potraits | Lakeland Tampa Sarasota Florida
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a heart shaped wreath sitting on top of a white chair
31 Fir Branches Decor Ideas For Your Wedding
Fir trees are symbolic for Christmas and New Year, I just can’t imagine winter holidays without them! If you are planning a holiday or just a winter affair, include decorated fir tree and branches into your décor. You can make a fir table garland...
an image of a man that is looking at the camera and has his hair cut back
Dietrich Riley
there is a candle and a wreath in the snow
#HolidayShorts, Home At Last 5
a close up of a person with a beard and wearing a black t - shirt
Laura Lily, At Last, Main Characters
a quote from the famous harry potter film, he'lluara, it's me
Gregory Porter - Hey Laura (Official Music Video)
'Hey Laura' by Gregory Porter
a heart shaped wreath made out of pine cones with lights in the shape of a heart
#HolidayShorts, Home At Last 2
Laura Plaits, Box Braids, Peinados, Capelli, Poetic Justice Braids, Patra, Twist, Braids, Big Braids
DÉSIRÉE shot by Tristan Barkowski ©
Garrett Videos, Instagram, Garrett, Man Bun, Dietrich, Dude
Dietrich Riley(@dietrichriley1) - Instagram photos and videos
a heart shaped wreath hanging on the front door with bells and holly berries attached to it
#HolidayShorts with Lily Java & friends
Part One of HOME AT LAST