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It's so true tho.....WHYYY!!!!

the saddest part in the whole anime to me was when Alessia was crying and telling the soldiers to stop burying her daddy. Even Pride/Bradley was shaking trying not cry because of it.<<<No Pride was mad at his daughter for screaming and crying

Anime crushes > Humans <<< Someone asked me info like someone and I said "." and of course they said "What?" I paused and said "Then God no" they looked at me for a second and said "You really like fake people?

Fullmetal Alchemist

This is what I mean when I say I like Edward as a character. Not sparkling Edward, Fullmetal Alchemist Edward

"What Naruto taught me" i love it!

"Correction : Kakashi taught me how to be awesome. Naruto taught me how to be friendly. Madara taught me how to be badass. Shikamaru taught me how to be smart. Sasuke taught me how to be a contemptuous douchebag.

I'm dying

Whose Name Would You Add? I love how someone wrote Justin Beiber, Light Yagami, and TITANS <<< Grell though. <~~ Anyone else see Katy Perry? Or Eren?---> there is one that says yo mama<<<someone wrote marco bodt I'm gonna scream

#Black Butler

Butler- Sebastian makes everything look amazing and simple -_-, but I wouldn't say it was 'hotter'; truth be told I don't like any of the 3

OMG I laughed way too hard at this

Come on Bocchan, build a snowman, be nice. Sebby needs you to build a freakin snowman so you build a snowman, simple!<<<Angela/Ash was like Do you wanna build a fire?