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My Soap-Box

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Country music legend Merle Haggard stepped up to defend President Obama: "It's really almost criminal what they (media) do with our President. There seems to be no shame or anything. They call him all kinds of names all day long, saying he's doing certain things that he's not. It's just a big old political game that I don't want to be part of. There are people spending their lives putting him down. He's not conceited. He's very humble about being the President of the United States."

Meanwhile, at a women's equality demonstration, possibly the best protest sign ever.


Love her!

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"Hell hath no fury like a woman denied her right to choose by a handful of greedy, self-important white guys." #feminism

Dee, no stranger to politics, was less than thrilled to find his music being used by the Wisconsin Republican, telling Talking Points Memo that “I emphatically denounce Paul Ryan’s use of my band Twisted Sister’s song, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It,’ in any capacity… There is almost nothing he stands for that I agree with except the use of the P90X.” ~ I like this guy!!

Scott McGilvray, NEA-NH President, educator, and parent


Pretty sure it was Morgan Freeman that originally said this...regardless, amen to that.

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True story!


you want to force them to live, but you don't want social programs to take care of them. "Save the babies"...they're not so cute anymore, now are they? Why not have a "real" conscience and change your politics?


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... and they doom the rest of us to suffer the consequences