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Robots and stuff (but mostly robots) - eyecaging: This is the third series of a really...

fucktonofanatomyreferences: “ eyecaging: “ This is the third series of a really good resource book, I would encourage everyone to buy and keep supporting this company. I’m unsure where to find it.

Sun Salutations

Invigorate the body and elevate the mind with this sun salutation sequence. Coordinate the breath with each posture, and start every morning with this yoga essential flow to feel energized and ready to take on the day!

Chest and Side Ill. Jean-Baptiste Marc Bourgery (1797-1849, Nicolas Henri Jacob. [Traité complet de l’anatomie de l’homme comprenant la médecine opératoire (1831-1854].

senjukannon: “ Anatomical illustrations of the torso and upper body, showing musculature, skeletal structure, blood vessels, connective tissue (and so on) by Nicolas-Henri Jacob for Jean-Baptiste Marc.

leg bent

legs to draw. I really need to learn to draw an anatomically correct person! Looking for a Permanent Remedy for Bow Legs - Without the Need for Surgery?


Joseph Zbukvic's water colour piece of Venice. I particularly like the use of tone within the piece that brings the entire composition together through the neutral tones that bring a subtle warmth to the piece.