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West Garden of Bridges in Xian, China. A series of undulating bridges that will rise and fall into bamboo gardens. This poetic new garden is designed to perhaps convey the idea of life’s ups and downs, while also immersing visitors in nature.

Amazing and Elegant Vancouver Land Bridge / Bicycle path

Vancouver Land Bridge ~ Vancouver, WA ~ This earth-covered pedestrian bridge, lined with indigenous plants and Native basket weavings, reconnects historic Fort Vancouver with the Columbia River waterfront, was dedicated August

You know that face...

If that's your face when your mom makes your favorite food, you need to re-evaluate your life. That's the face of a psychopath.

Because you're worth it.❤

This is the most expensive toilet paper roll in the world. A Quality toilet paper with 22 carat gold through the roll. As you use the toilet paper 22 carat