Best Air-Cleaning Plants. Here is a list of plant options that are non-toxic to dogs and children. Perfect for you modern home.

9 Best Air-Cleaning Plants

Here is a list of air cleaning plant options that are non-toxic to dogs and children.

Natural Weed Killer / ¿Será que así le quito lo pacheque a mis amigos?

Natural Weed Killer

DIY - Weed killer - When nasty weeds pop up, don't reach for the weed killer. Douse them with vinegar, lemon juice or boiling water instead. The weeds will likely shrivel in a day or so. Resilient ones rarely withstand a second treatment.

Usando um pallet em pé, você cria diferentes alturas para expor suas plantas.

Dê um up na decoração: faça um jardim vertical

maybe for patio.Love how you can have a whole beautiful garden using the space on a wall! Vertical planter wall in your garden or patio is amazing.

Making It In The Mitten: Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

Good Wednesday Morning everyone! Thanksgiving came and went and I am now up to my ears in Christmas ornaments, scattering them througho.

religious statue grotto - Google Search

Statue of Mother Mary at grotto. Berdychiv, Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine - comprar este(a) foto stock no Shutterstock e encontrar outras imagens.

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7 Plants that Improve Indoor Air Quality by Removing Chemicals

Air purifying plants: Indoor air can he up to more polluted than outdoor air… Grow your own fresh air with these natural purifiers - houseplants! Health and home.