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Inspiration ORIGINAL Watercolor Painting, Bird in a spring tree, Bird art Inch

# Vladimir Volegov #

Gallery of artist Vladimir Volegova, portraits of very beautiful women.

C.F. Tunnicliffe (1901-1979)

Tunnicliffe Siamese cat in a cherry blossom tree.



Romántico en su máximo esplendor

Aiken House & Gardens: Get Comfy & Cosy A little relaxation

all the beauty things...

The Art of Alexander Volkov.A Promise of Spring


quenalbertini: Old country house window - La Palma

Pablo Picasso

Picasso and his cat. Or to put it another way- A Cat and his Picasso.

Digiclassicism Project by Alexey Sovertkov


Summer Snowflake (Leucojum aestivum), so delicate and beautiful, are flowering in my garden now (May/June in Queensland, Australia)