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Prepara la pasta madre in maniera simpatica

I have discovered something new to love - my sourdough. It is alive and hardworking, it gives me so many beautiful moments. Her name is Maya and if you share my love for sourdough, you can understand me

lavare vetri perfettamente

Annoying water stains and grime on windows leaving your view blurry? Mix lemon juice, baking soda and water into a spray bottle and enjoy crystal clear windows in no time!

tutto-giardino-mondo: Living struttura salice:

The light inside this living willow structure is an ingenious touch. Can you imagine a better place to spend a summer evening? One day I will create a living willow structure.

WC pulito e igienizzato con bombe pulizia fai da te toilette

These DIY toilet bombs make keeping your toilet bowl clean a breeze! Just pop it in and let the natural ingredients make quick work of bacteria.

Casa PROFUMATA senza alcun odore di FUMO o di CIBO. Basta solo mescolare questi ingredienti, RISULTATO INCREDIBILE. ECCO DI COSA SI TRATTAj

Her House Always Smells Fantastic And People Don't Know Why. You won't believe how great this two ingredient DIY spray freshens your house.