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Fall is for More Than Just Pumpkin Spice Lattes

As this year continues to fly by we have now reached many people's favorite time of year...fall! What's not to love about fall, right? Perfect jeans and long sleeve weather, fires at night, pumpkins, Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes...have you heard of those coffee drinks? It also comes with a lot of festive activities! So let's…

5 Tips for Safely Sharing the Road With Semis Large Truck, Moving And Storage, Lincoln, Tips, Blog, Blogging

5 Tips for Safely Sharing the Road With Semis

A lot of people don't like sharing the road with semis and other large trucks because it makes them nervous. The truck drivers are well trained in driving these large vehicles and often drive many hours every day and week without incident. If you know how to safely share the road with these large trucks…

What to Understand About Your Moving Estimate Moving Estimate, Moving And Storage, Lincoln, Blog, Blogging

What to Understand About Your Moving Estimate

After the moving company's representative meets with you and provides the estimate for your move it's important that you understand it. Local move estimates: Here at the Lincoln Moving & Storage Co., as well as many other companies, our local estimates are just that - estimates. This means you are provided with the time your…

4 Tips on Hiring a Reputable Moving Company Moving And Storage, Online Checks, Lincoln, Bond, Tips

4 Tips on Hiring a Reputable Moving Company

As the summer season comes in full swing it becomes more common to book a move with a non-reputable company, potentially resulting in a bad experience. Unfortunately every year some consumers need a last minute mover because of this, but most movers become booked out quickly during the summer, making it hard to find a replacement on short notice.…

Demand for residential land real estate continues to grow as housing shortage increases demand for new homes spurring new construction. Home Improvement Loans, Home Improvement Projects, Building A Garage, Building A House, Home Renovation, Home Remodeling, Home Equity Loan, Home Remodel Costs, Residential Land

Planning a Move Into New Construction

Building a new home is exciting, congratulations! When planning a move into new construction there are a few important points to keep in mind. Check out the model homes from your builder, and ask how your home will compare to the model and get dimensions for doorways, stairs, etc. This information will help you decide…

Spring Cleaning Your Home Moving And Storage, Spring Cleaning, Spray Bottle, Cleaning Supplies, Parma, Lincoln, Blog, Business, Home

Spring Cleaning Your Home

You know how it goes, spring comes around and everybody starts cleaning. Since you're going all out anyway make sure to empty everything out of your cabinets, dressers, etc. to clean them out, and use this opportunity to clear out anything that's no longer needed or wanted. Whether it's food, clothes, linens, etc. there are…

Water from thin air: a look at how rain and precipitation forms Making Water, Rain And Thunder, Photos Hd, Rain Days, Rain Storm, Rainwater Harvesting, When It Rains, Gods Creation, Istanbul

Tips For Moving in the Rain

While it may not be opportune to move in the rain you don't always have the option to wait for another day. If you aren't able to wait then start by moving the items that are protected with plastic and maybe the rain will let up some before you start moving the more delicate items. Below…

Indoor Cleveland Attractions Year-Round Cleveland Botanical Garden, Botanical Gardens, Moving And Storage, Indoor Activities, Lincoln, Attraction, Business, Blog, Blogging

Indoor Cleveland Attractions Year-Round

Cleveland has many great seasonal activities but there's also many indoor activities that can be enjoyed year-round! These are just some of the attractions in the area: Cleveland Botanical Garden The garden is available to view year round, so when you're missing the flowers during the winter make sure you stop by and take in the…

Prepping your home to sell Moving And Storage, Prepping, Kitchen Cabinets, Parma, Lincoln, Blog, Things To Sell, Business, Home Decor

Prepping Your Home to Sell

Not only is moving stressful but so is the whole process of buying and selling a home. Here at The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. we would love to help with your move and relieve some of that stress for you! Although we can’t help with the buying and selling aspect we can still offer you some…

Tips for packing your garage for a move! Moving And Storage, Lincoln, Diffuser, Garage, Packing, Business, Tips, Blog, Drive Way

Tips for Packing Your Garage

There's a lot that goes into packing for a move, but packing your garage comes with it's own set of challenges. You will want to make sure you start packing plenty early so you aren't rushed for time as your move grows closer. There are many different sized items that won't fit in a box…

Reuse Your Moving Boxes This Halloween Moving Boxes, Moving And Storage, Reuse, Lincoln, Happy Halloween, Mood, Business

Reuse Your Moving Boxes This Halloween

You just moved into your new home, windows open, loving the fresh fall air, and surrounded by empty boxes. That last part can spoil your mood, even on a day like that. On top of that it’s time to find Halloween costumes and decorate the house. We have good news! Those empty boxes you now have from your…

8 movies to watch when moving with kids Moving And Storage, Family Movie Night, New Kids, New Friends, Movies To Watch, Lincoln, Stress, Business, Blog

8 Movies to Watch When Moving With Kids

Moving can be stressful, especially for kids. They may worry about being the new kid in school and making new friends. One way to help prepare them could be to watch movies where moving is involved. Not only can this help show them it will all work out but can also be a good reason to have relaxing…

Tips For Moving Your College Student Moving And Storage, College Students, Parma, Lincoln, Tips, Blog, Business, Blogging, Student

Tips For Moving Your College Student

As the start of the semester grows near, you or your student will need to plan the move onto campus. Whether or not you’re hiring a mover (p.s. The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. is great!), you will still want to plan well in advance, especially if it requires moving interstate. Below are some thoughts to…

Changing Your Address When Moving Change Your Address, Moving And Storage, Thing 1, Lincoln, Business, Blog, Blogging

Changing Your Address

Whether it's a 1 bedroom apartment or a 6 bedroom home, moving is no small feat. Even the most basic move includes much more than the simple pick up and go. One major step is informing everybody of your change of address. Most of this can be done online instead of waiting on the phone, often saving…

Adjusting In a New City After a Move Moving And Storage, New City, Lincoln, How To Get, News, Business, Blog, Life, Blogging

Adjusting In a New City After a Move

Furniture arranged, decorations up, boxes unpacked, your move was a success! Now that you're settling into your new home it's time to get settled into the city. Uprooting your life and moving somewhere new is hard enough...especially if you're doing it by yourself, but it can also be (and hopefully is) a great thing! By…

Truck Access & Parking Arrangements for your upcoming move Moving And Storage, Lincoln, Trucks, How To Plan, Business, Blog, Track, Blogging, Truck

Truck Access & Parking Arrangements

A common concern when moving is access within the homes; i.e. flights of stairs, narrow doorways, etc. An important factor to remember is getting to those locations, which includes truck access and parking arrangements. Below are some factors to keep in mind while planning your move. Bridges. If there's a bridge on the route to any location for…