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When I ask for equal rights why must you assume I want to be treated like a man?

What makes being treated like a man mean you are being treated equally? Equality should not equal fitting to a male standard. maybe men should be treated like women. Then both men and women would be treated equally.

Women are complete human beings even without children. You do not need kids to validate your existence!

"Women are complete human beings not potential mothers. Motherhood is just an option." Even though I want a child I am human enough to know that that doesn't make me more of a women or that all women need to be mothers.

because that's not what it is.

Feminism is not misandry. word up! "don't allow men who hate women to define feminism as women who hate men"

Lololol. I do like that they refered to it as just a concept though.

This is a common concept of men. Virginity seems to be so important in our society. For some reason, our society thinks that virginity is only for the man's sake and not the woman's

Don't put other girls down, to compliment me. . . . . . Source: @amyyyylyyyynn #feminism#feminist

Don't put other girls down, to compliment me.