they made me love reading!

Fun with Dick and Jane Basic reader book 1951 by ViseralEphemera. I learned to read from Dick and Jane readers.

I remember this

Mercurochrome and Methylade, painful stuff on cuts. My grandfather would always put this stuff on our cuts and scrapes.

Another TV show

Petticoat Junction There's a little Hotel called the Shady Rest at the junction. That's Uncle Joe and he's moving kind of slow at the junction, Petticoat Junction! (Next town over from Hooterville!

Jeans of the 70's

Jeans of the Yep! those infamous Jordache jeans that I loved so much. I had several pairs and I remember receiving a pair along with a designer blouse for my graduation gift. Everyone knew my love for Jordache jeans.

Tin cans where you needed a 'key' that was attached to the bottom to open it up

Cans where you needed a 'key' that was attached to the bottom to open it up. I sure do remember opening cans with a key.

Sears wish book.

We couldn't wait to get the Sears Christmas Book every year. My brother & I would sit for hours circling the things we wanted. I remember circling in the wish book too.

One of my favorites

The Gingerbread Boy. One of my favorite books! Spoiler Alert: The fox tricks him and eats him at the end.

Cursive Lettering Boards, over our blackboards in grade school.

Vintage School Cursive Lettering Boards

Cursive Lettering Boards - there was a row of these across the top of the blackboard. The first letter we learned to write in cursive was "i.

Clackers- I still have mine

These things hurt when they hit your arm. I remember they started selling pads that you can strap on your arm to protect it. How funny!