You have to try this BOSU workout to tone your entire body.

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BOSU Booty Workout

BOSU Booty Workout • The Live Fit Girls

Sara Haley’s BOSU Total Body Blast Workout - 5 fierce calorie-burning BOSU moves

Sara Haley’s BOSU Total Body Blast

11 Exercises for a Full-Body BOSU Ball Workout

11 Exercises for a Full-Body BOSU Ball Workout | LIVESTRONG.COM

BOSU abs This move works the abs, especially the obliques, as well as the muscles that support the spine. Holding a four- or six-pound medicine ball at your chest, sit just forward of the center of the BOSU. Take your time to find the sweet spot for your balance. Bri...

Ab Extra Credit: BOSU Moves For Your Belly

Squat & Reach - It's a functional workout, which targets several muscle groups in your body. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, slowly squat down below 90 degrees keeping your back straight. Next stand tall & reach with dumbbell to the opposite shoulder. Repeat & alternate sides. Do 20-30 reps x 3-4 sets.

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You have to try this BOSU workout to tone your entire body.

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Great Bosu workout!

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Great bosu moves

Bosu Booty Circuit | Well-Girl

BOSU Bridge Work your glutes with this bridge variation.Position the BOSU at the top of your mat and sit in with your back towards it. Lean your upper body back so your head, neck, and shoulders are positioned at the top of the ball and your back is resting on the slope of the ball.Plant your feet shoulder-width apart in front of you, put your hands on your hips, and inhale as you lift your butt off the ground and push your pelvis upward. Remember to keep your abs and glutes engaged and your ...

10 Moves You Can Do With a BOSU

Bosu Total Body Routine. Click to watch. Get yourself in the best shape of your life with Start your free month now!!!

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BOSU ball V up. Sit in the center of a BOSU trainer with your legs extended in front of you, knees slightly bent, with a two- to four-pound medicine ball between your thighs. Lean back, placing your hands on the floor behind the BOSU for balance (a). Contract your abs and slowly raise your legs toward the ceiling (b). Hold for one second, then return to the starting position.

BOSU V-ups with medicine ball

10 Moves You Can Do With a BOSU - Love to incorporate the BOSU ball into my workouts whenever I can.

10 Moves You Can Do With a BOSU

Core Work: Twisted BOSU Plank

Fire Up Your Core and Whittle Your Waist With One Move

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10-Minute Workout For Sexy Sculpted Arms

10 Minutes to Tone: Arm Workout

Start in a pushup position, with your hands on a BOSU trainer and your feet hip-width apart (a). Lower your left forearm onto the BOSU (b), then your right, keeping your body in a straight line (c). Push back to the starting position, starting with your left hand. That's one rep; do 10 to 15. Rest for 15 seconds, then repeat, leading with your right arm. Keep alternating for two or three sets.

BOSU dynamic plank

5 Full-Body Moves With the BOSU

Work Your Entire Body With These 5 BOSU Moves

BOSU workouts

8 BOSU Trainer Exercises

10 Full Body Bosu Moves - From mountain climbers to push-ups, build core strength and burn calories with these 10 moves that are all done on the BOSU ball.

10 Full-Body BOSU Ball Exercises

I also found a DIY bosu ball tutorial! (just google DIY bosu ball) It's all coming together now!

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Bosu Pilates

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How to Do a Legs Workout with a Bosu Ball

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BODY SCULPTING/STRETCHING WITH #BOSU BALL #EXERCISE ROUTINE. SCULPT & STRETCH your major #muscles, relieve soreness, decrease depression, understand your limitations. FOR MORE FREE #EXERCISE VIDEOS VISIT

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A Total-Body BOSU Workout

Skip Class, Get on the Ball Instead! A Total-Body BOSU Workout