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Jodie Foster, a primary caregiver for her mother, who has dementia, said at the Golden Globes - “Mom, I know you are inside those blue eyes somewhere. I love you, I love you, I love you, and I hope that if I say this three times, it will magically and perfectly enter into your soul, fill you with grace and the joy of knowing that you did good in this life, you’re a great mom, please take that with you when you’re finally okay to go.”

A 96-year-old Illinois man named Fred Stobaugh wrote a song about his wife of 75 years and when he sent the heart-wrenching ode into a singer-songwriter contest, they decided to p

A Letter From Fred - "Oh Sweet Lorraine" An Amazing Song Written by 96 year-old!

Love is only a word. It takes someone else to complete it.

This is so true. Whatever your age or length of your marriage.

At the end of my journey...I still choose you!

F Scott Fitzgerald

“I love her and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald (handlettering by Kelly Cummings)

11 December. Abdication day

"As I held her hand and saw mortal life drain from her fingers, I confess I was overcome. Before I married her, she had been the girl of my dreams, to use the words of a song then popular. She was my dear companion for more than two-thirds of a century, my equal before the lord - really, my superior. And now in my old age, she has again become the girl of my dreams." [President Gordon B. Hinckley about his wife, Marjorie] ♥

An Eagle Named Freedom ~ Freedom and Jeff have been together 13 years. When Freedom was brought to a wildlife center as a baby she could not stand, was emaciated and covered in lice. Jeff made the decision to give her a chance at life, and she survived against all odds. As fate would have it after she mended, Jeff got cancer. While in the hospital Jeff says Freedom would come to him in dreams time and time again to help him fight the cancer. After 8 months of chemo, Jeff’s cancer was gone.

This broke my heart and made me cry - how beautiful is the love of a dog. I had to repost this to both love and man's best friend -hope you read all.

"This little puppy is Vespa and she was born without front legs. Her momma adopted her through Petfinder & eventually got her fitted for those wheels. Now Vespa can go everywhere with her adoptive family." What an awesome family!

I remember "love is ..."

John Unger adopted his dog Schoep when he was a puppy.Today Schoep is 19 years old and has Arthritis.He's in pain and can't sleep.His owner John trying to find a solution to his pain discovered that the water from the lake helps relax Schoep so every night he takes his dog Schoep for a swim in the lake so he can get some sleep.The photo was captured by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson.She wanted to portray the unlimited love this owner has for his dog.This photo has been viewed by millions on facebook

painted toe nails

wise words from Mother Teresa