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If you are worried about the chemicals in shampoo, here is a recipe for "Homemade Shampoo". Kid safe. Mother approved.

Homemade Shampoo

Want whiter teeth without chemicals? Try this all-natural whitening toothpaste you can make at home!!! Whitening Toothpaste Recipe |

Whitening Toothpaste Recipe - A Return To Simplicity

This clinically tested age-fighting product is powered by our excusive NeriumAD® Formula. Age-Defying Night Cream contains the most concentrated, powerful form of our proprietary NAE-8® extract. It is designed to adhere to skin for maximum delivery of key ingredients. Apply at night when skin is in its rest-and-repair cycle.

Age-Defying Night Cream

Homemade body wash

Homemade Body Wash - Keep Scary Out Of Your Shower

Deodorant with 3 simple ingredients. I made this and will NEVER use store bought deodorant again - ever. Works better than anything I have tried. And you don't smell like a coconut all day - not that I would mind. Thinking of adding cloves for a man's deodorant. Not that a dude couldn't use this one.

Smashed Peas and Carrots: Natural Deodorant

Extraordinary Remineralizing Tooth Powder Recipe to Reverse and Prevent Cavities. Make your own inexpensive tooth powder for clean teeth without chemicals!

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A great primer on types, quality, and concerns for bentonite clay, plus recipes for 15 head-to-toe uses!

Bentonite Clay 101 + 15 Head-to-Toe Bentonite Clay Recipes

We Tried It: Chocolatey DIY Dry Shampoo | Daily Savings From All You Magazine

We Tried It: Chocolatey DIY Dry Shampoo

All Natural SPF Sun Oil Recipe #DIY #sunscreen

All Natural SPF Sun Oil - Free People Blog How to Make Your Own Natural Perfume in Two Easy Steps

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Black and yellow salves are sometimes referred to as botanical surgery. The salve is a thick paste made of native American herbs, with the main herbal component being the blood root. The salves are applied topically over areas of diagnosed or suspected malignancy, and they are selective in their action so they will only “go after” neoplastic (cancerous) tissue, though healthy tissue may become slightly reddened and mildly irritated when the black salve is applied.

Black Salves for Cancer

A Guide for Naturally Healthy Skin [Infographic] lists many of the natural oils that can be used topically and superfoods that can be eaten to moisturize, soothe and repair skin as well as preventing aging or solve problems like acne.

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Coconut-Milk Soap Recipe. I hope I can try this someday!

Coconut-Milk Soap Recipe

Be careful what you put on your skin! Your skin is your body's largest organ. All you apply to it sinks in, and eventually ends up in your bloodstream. Click to read more, and learn where to find high quality organic personal care products. And be sure to re-pin, so your friends will know, too!

NYR Organic | Top Organic Skincare

Turmeric Face Mask - Not only does it get rid of acne, it's great for lightening dark spots from acne scarring and leaves skin with a healthy glow.

Get Glowing Skin with Turmeric Mask |

Skinny Jeans Season! Try some Nerium Firm from me!

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foods-for-hydrating-skin-WEB #healthy skin #MDComplete - pinning this to look into it more...

Great Foods for Hydrating Your Skin

Do you suffer from dry skin?! A lot of us do during the winter! Read all about dry skin here!

Winter Skin Care Tips: 7 Tips To Take Care of Dry Itchy Skin

Juvederm, Restylane or Perlane are injected under the wrinkle to plump and fill it creating smooth skin. It actually looks like an eraser just wiped them away. Fillers are a beautiful way to rejuvenate the mid and lower face. Richard Galitz, MD, FACS - Miami -

Wrinkle-Reducing Skin Care Tips Infographic

8 skincare tips to know in your 20s

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Makeup/ Skincare tips here is 11 things you can do to prevent wrinkles

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