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Anything Norse goes here; Runes, Æsir, Vanir, Jotnar, myths,

Norse Stuff

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Another popular misconception.

Odin- Ashley Bryner Allfather So stunning.... !

Eating #horse when you think it's beef isn't cool. However, humans have been eating horse for centuries. Get the facts here.

Horses For Courses

What Can the Runes Tell Us About Achieving Goals

Frigg, Norse Goddess of the sky, marriage, motherhood, love, fertility, and the domestic arts. She is the patron Goddess of spinners and weavers, and she spins the clouds in the sky.

A Guest post on my blog with a poem for Odin

Dette kan bli Norges nye kongesaga

Danmark - Iron Age Silver valkyrie found in Denmark

Ægishjálmur. Icelandic

elf donuts--actually cheerios, wonder what the vættr would think of these...


Pantheon of Oak



Keyboard in Runes :)

My painting of the Goddess Hel Price: $303.56

Thor with crown of stars, 19th C Wonder where the idea of putting a crown on him came from...

THE MIGHTY THOR, Part One | Articles & Interviews on Myth & Relgion

Punishment of Loki

Bohemian Weasel on


Viking rune stone, Upplands, Sweden - ca. 11th century.


The Stenkvista runestone in Södermanland, Sweden, shows Thor's hammer instead of a cross. Only two such runestones are known.

SWEDEN: Two of the viking stone ships (burial grounds) at Badelunda, near Västerås.