When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on <--- Seen in Florence on a church's sign during a particularly trying week this past spring :)

A rainy day, lost luggage, tangled lights Rainy day: grab a book and a blanket; Lost Luggage: a good reason to shop! Tangled Christmas Tree lights: Time to sit back and take your time to enjoy the moment and remember what Christmas is really about.

pancakes are so good.

I love this sign. and I love pancakes. I want to make it for my kitchen

Thats so true.

I’m A Girl

We are blessed with many things in life.We have many things in life that makes us happy.There are many things in life which helps us in making good from our life

An ethical life is built of integrity, honesty, kindness, decency and belief in truth, justice, honor, love, respect, compassion, and working together to make life better.

an ethical life is built of integrity honesty kindness decency and belief in truth justice honor love respect compassion and working together to make life better


Fuck anything in the morning that doesn't involve sleeping, sex, or bacon.

Be stupid.

Diesel Smart may have brains, but stupid has the balls bikini ad. part of a campaign that had better and less sexist images!


Or Judgmental! If I ever had a Business I would post this on my door. Maybe I should just post it on my Front Door!