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I could totally make that for way more money and time than if I would have just bought it

This is a cute idea, but I would need to possess drawing skills to make it and I don't even have a teeny bit of drawing ability

I love this! The ruffles are so cute

Friendship bracelet chevron rug - This is so cute!

I love this too! I plan on making this one someday also

Look how cute this DIY bow clutch is! I am for sure making one of these someday, now that I have my sewing machine set up

Love, love, love this "homemade" lotion! It is a little greasy, but once it soaks in, it is amazing. This is coming from someone that washes their hands a million times a day at work too

LOVE this! You must check out this blog! It has so many cute sewing tutorials

This blog has soooo many adorable sewing tutorials. I'm a sucker for earflap hats, so this is perfect

Paint your washing machine! I'm not actually brave enough to do this yet, but it is adorable

This is made with alcohol ink and looks soooo similar to my favorite tile that Lowe's sold 6ish years ago and is now probably discontinued. I for sure have to try to recreate this one

I think I like this crayon art way more than the other ones that keep showing up on here

  • Angie McDonald

    Oh, o.k. .. I do remember this now. I didn't click on the pic to go to the site. I'm doing that now. :)

  • Lindsay Hoffman

    I tried to make an actual picture (flowers, sun, sky, etc.) for the first one and that was a disaster. I underestimated how much the colors would mix together. I used way too many crayon shavings for the 2nd one and had giant globs of dried up crayon all over it. The third one was nice (except for the colors, as you saw)

  • Angie McDonald

    I don't think your colors were that bad... just that the red was a little bright. This looks like a cool and fun (but messy) project. Where did you get your canvas?

  • Lindsay Hoffman

    They have a few at walmart. I got a 3-pack of flat ones for $10. They're not as fancy, but I anticipated that I would need practice

I'm not really a sports fan, but this is a really unique idea!

This is brilliant!

I LOVE that this is actually painted and not just some lace glued to a phone case