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37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas

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"I moved my hands forward, to grasp the water from the ocean, to pluck a star from the sky, a drop of dew from a leaf, a snowflake in midair. I cupped my hands, to catch the droplets of salty sea, to hold it there. But it was not to be. They were not to be mine. The wave rose at the wrong moment and fell before I could dip my hands into the coolness. I reached my fingertips out a second too late, and caught at nothing but air." - M.O

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Utilize um quadro para tirar uma foto artística Summer Beach Activities Fun for Kids and Parties

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This site has a lot of fantastic family Christmas card ideas - go out and have some creative fun this year! Go on!

Imagine your ancestors coming across this in an old family album. I am so doing this next time we go to the beach! !!

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