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Success and Mindset

Whether you're thinking about family, friends, or making money, here's a collection of inspiring thoughts and quotes that we should all dwell upon occasionally.

Success and Mindset

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More people need to heed this advice. Including me.

Which is why my life is terrific CHAOS right now! It's great! :D (But terrifying too . . .)

Exactly - which is why I'm thankful even for the turbulence in my life right now.

My life right now, in a nutshell. :)

'Tis true.

I run both my personal life and my business this way!

It's been proven (personally) that if you take the word "bored" out of your vocabulary, you will not get bored! Never say "I'm bored." because then you will be. And bored people are boring. There's always SOMETHING to do. Go find it.

Whack! :D (It's probably bad Karma that there are a few people I'd love to see get smacked.)

No Disneyland? Nuff said.

Because sometimes it is only when you're happy that something "worth being happy about" comes along.

It's very true. This is why WRITTEN goals are a must!

Worth thinking about.

Damn straight!

inner beauty ♥

Very true. Experience can be a bitch. But you never forget. Ever.

This is something I need to keep in mind. Especially right now . . .

A little crass, but 100% true. I've only listened to people who are leading the kind of life I want or who support my dreams, and I'm actually getting places that I WANT to go!

Morticia Addams' rather spot-on perspective on normalcy. #quotes #Addams_Family

I think I will! Thanks! ; )

You are not "entitled" to what I have earned. Welcome to America - where you can EARN it too if you want it that bad. Otherwise shut the hell up.

I love this! Well put.

More people need to take this very seriously. Life will never be perfect - thus you need to enjoy every moment of it.

If it isn't important, own it. Because we don't really want to hear excuses. I'd rather someone say "It isn't that important to me." and then go find a way to something that IS important to them. : )

Absolutely! That's awesome.