Valentine, You “Rock”. Or, Valentine, you’re a POP star.

Sheek Shindigs: Hand Crafted 'You Rock' Pop Rock Valentines! Fast treat for school parties!

Really cute Rock Star Themed First Grade Classroom

I LOVE the behavior chart that is made like a guitar! Rockin' Behavior for sure! First Grade Fresh: Let's give them something to talk about.

Spotlight Bulletin Board Idea

Who's In the Spotlight? Bulletin Board Idea Love this for spotlighting excellent examples of student work or students of the month, grade-level board in the hallway.

Classroom Economy / Rock 'n Roll and Rockstar Theme Money

Classroom Economy / Rock 'n Roll and Rockstar Theme Money

Rock Star Status chair, perfect for a "Rockin' theme

REWARD- I love this idea of rewarding the students with a "rock star status" chair. This chair will give the young students incentive to have good behavior.

Backstage Helpers                            I just completed my jobs poster for the year. I am calling it backstage helpers to accompany my rockstar theme!   I included tour director (line leader).  A security person to be the caboose and make sure the line is behaving. Also included cleaning crew,lighting,and a stage manager(messenger to office).  I am super excited to start this school year!

This person has used clever names like security person for thing like managing line behaviour, tour director to be line leader, cleaning crew, lighting crew and stage manager to be messages to office . I love this idea