Things from the Philppines

Things from the Philppines

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Dancing Cebu Inmates

Filipino Lumpia

Puerto Princessa, Underground River Part of New 7 Wonders of the World Philippines.

Whang Od (the oldest Kalinga tattoo artist) and the women of the Kalinga region in the Philippines

Balut. Yeah... I ate that. Tastes like chicken.

Young Coconut Water... Its natures miracle for anyone who likes to work out. Also known in the Phils as Buko PURE! What we tell pregnant women to drink when they have a UTI. I buy mine at the market, and it looks just like the picture.

pomelo drink


A motorized tricycle in Dumaguete City, Philippines

Botanical – Fruit – Mangosteen


Durian fruit juice (for those who like their juice to smell like sweaty gym socks)

OH durian! How stinky and delicious art thee.


grownup freezer pops


This is the strangest looking fruit ever. Rambutan in Malay, Indonesian, and Filipino literally means hairy, caused by the 'hair' that covers this fruit. On the outside it's magenta with green hairy legs all over it. From the outside you'd have no idea what to expect on the inside. Inside it's similar to a lychee fruit. It looks sort of clear and gummy. It's very watery and has a huge seed in the center. It tastes pretty decent, but it's the look of the ramputan that puts it in the top ten. (Link | Photo)


A Filipino staple! Calamansi Juice with Mint