The Olden Days

Some things from the olden days were fun some were cute some were hilarious. Some were not very politically correct! Take a wander through the moments captured for posterity of ages gone by. Remember you can click through images to more information where this exists. @lindyasimus
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Gas drill at a London hospital


From December 1941 all women aged 18 to 50, except those exempted, were required to do National Service. They could either join one the uniformed women's services,or seek work in a factory.The contribution made by the women factory workers must be among the most neglected aspect of WW2.The factories were the target of enemy bombers & their homes were near those factories.They worked long hours, spent nights in air raid shelters & survived under food and fuel rationing conditions.

Women factory workers-WW2

While the mothers are working in the fields, the preschool children of migrant families are cared for in the nursery school under trained teachers, Kern migrant camp, California

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Working girl outside of a traveling Peepshow c.1924

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Photograph of a woman at bedrock mortars near Bakersfield, California, taken for the Archaeological Survey Association, mid-1900s. Subjects: Bakersfield, CA, bedrock mortars, California Indians, women

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I remember helping my grandmother with the wringer washer as well as helping my Mom. I also used a hand wringer like this but on a small enamel washing machine.

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Lewis Wickes Hine, A young mine worker: Turkey Knob Coal Mine, Macdonald, West Virginia, 1908


love many old family photos do you have with a child in a galvanized tub outdoors?

min lilla veranda

Dutch children at Ellis Island

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Un lit clos/A box bed. - In Brittany, the closed-bed (French: lit-clos) (Breton: gwele-kloz)is a traditional furnishing. In homes with usually only one room, the box-bed allowed some privacy and helped keep people warm during winter. Similar enclosed bed furniture was once also found in western Britain; Devon, Cornwall, Wales particularly in Gower. Some closed-beds were built one above the other in a double-decker, two-story arrangement. In this case, young people were sleeping upstairs.

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New York: Tenement family in the kitchen 1915. WOW and we complain everyday. We have no clue! Vintage, photo, children, mother, decay, poverty, history.

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Treetop table at the Krazy Kat Club in Washington, July 15, 1921

The Crazy 1920s Craze Known as the Krazy Kat Club

Civil War veteran John A. White with his wife Susan Catherine Davenport in their older years. John died in 1933 at the age of 97.

AncientFaces - Photos of the past

vintage circus performers

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Laundry Day

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1950s Education on "Homosexuals" USA - Where they assumed gay was equal to predator. pffft

1950s Education on "Homosexuals"

In the Suburbs - 1950's USA Economic Expansion Through Consumerism

In the Suburbs - 1950's Economic Expansion Through Consumerism

Television set, 1948 - One of the very first!

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Memento Mori – remember that you have to die

Memento Mori – remember that you have to die

Family radio entertainment. Pre Television life.


French silent film actress Lili Damita. (1904 - 1994) poses naked covered only by a strategically placed fan, 1920's. Photo by Vintage Images / Getty Images.°

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Vintage circus photo

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40 Must-See Photos From The Past. #5 Is Insane.

Carmela Picciano, 311 E. 149th St., 3rd floor rear. 12 years old. Making Irish lace for collars. Works until 9 P.M. sometimes.

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Four young women elevate their game of volleyball by playing it on stilts. Venice, California June, 1934

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