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Vegetable washing station at end of garden, recycle water on garden!

recycle "old" sinks to be used for an outdoor wash station. add some irrigation piping to have it drain elsewhere in your garden (greywater). We could so do this with the sink from the kitchen once we do the remodel!

so much yard.

Gardener Madison Cox Client in South Kent Connecticut 127 West Street, Floor New York, NY, 10001 USA Telephone: 212 242 4631 Facsimile: 212 807 8081 Email: madisoncox

sun room/potting shed by C@rol

I like my added on greenhouse. Irma helped me plan. I like to have fresh veggies in the winter. (Potting Shed Plans)

Pretty Garden Shed | Thursday, June 17, 2010

Plan your landscape to hide outdoor structures. Sheds, garages, and outdoor workspaces are not always the most attractive in your yard. Use these spaces as a setting for a beautiful display of plants and flowers.

Garden shed with sheet metal roof and salvaged windows and door. What a cute shed!!

Garden shed with sheet metal roof and salvaged windows and door. I have windows & doors

This was the first gardening experience I had as child. I helped my dad grow pole beans on a teepee. I want to do it with my kids!

Veggie Teepee - Interesting trellis for pole beans, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, etc. Cute playhouse for kids

Trellis over idle way Perfect space saver for pea pods, beans, sweet peas.....

YES PLEASE, green bean teepees. This is amazing! What a great idea for some serious green bean growing. This would also work for strawberries, peas, grapes and possibly squash varieties. Basically, anything that can grow vertically!

Limited on space? Grow your watermelon's vertically!

Growing watermelons vertically and using watermelon hammocks. watermelon forest - Gardening And Living

DIY Planter Box for Backyard Gardening

DIY Planter Box Tutorial - This simple planter box is made with resilient cedar to be an eco-friendly and long lasting home to greens, herbs or whatever you plant!

Raspberry/Marion Berry support

Raspberry supports - an idea for a fence in the side's a win win boys are fenced in and I get to eat raspberries