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Chip-Coated, Fried Guacamole Takes Dipping out of the Equation

Spoonfuls of guacamole get coated in crushed tortilla chips and fried into crunchy, creamy bites.

I love how oblivious cas is to things like that, he is just so pure it goes right over his head, just like Tom Hiddelston

Haha look at Sam's face, it's like he's enjoying the thought of them three having a slumber party and Dean and Cas would braid his hair and they would talk about their feelings all night.

Chopped Chicken Picatta and Mashed Potatoes

Chopped Chicken Piccata - This house favorite uses chopped chicken that gets browned, drenched in a easy, lemony caper pan sauce and tops mashed potatoes for a perfect comfort dinner.

supernatural - I love how we all know that rose are SAMs wings...

I'm laughing way too hard at this. The comical wings of Misha, the badass wings of Jensen, and the sassy fierce wings of Jared.

I'm non-destiel but I loved this! BAHAHAHAAAA

Mainly because the amount of booze Dean would have to drink to get drunk would be hilarious to watch


One day you're a soap opera star. and the next your two best friends are an energetic puppy and a crazy person who commissions skittle portraits of your face.

Awwww Jensen!!!

[GIFSET] Jensen pretending to be grumpy when he's actually amazed by his fans. Another reason to love him

supernatural, gagreel, mishacollins, castiel GIF

supernatural superwholock dean winchester castiel destiel supernatural gif cas cas gif supernatural fan art idk whose it is idk the artist but this is perfect