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Michelle Obama on Twitter
“In knitting, when you create the first stitch of a new project, you cast on. When an item is finished, you bind off. Both of these actions, I've found, are incredibly satisfying bookends of something manageable and finite. #TheLightWeCarry 🧶”
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Anne Burrell's Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads - Mashed
Though she's well known today, Anne Burrell had to figure out her way to the top of the culinary world by herself. Her transformation is still turning heads.
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Debbie Harry swaps partying ways for knitting
Debbie Harry has revealed she has taken up knitting since curbing her partying ways.
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Irish Cottage Style Knitting with Tasha Tudor
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Famous Knitters – Ingrid Bergman Redux
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Hilary Swank on Instagram: "Can you guess what my favorite color is? 🌼🌼🌼 #Sunday #Knitting #Spring almost #Summer 🌞"
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Doeweknit?® 🦄 on Instagram: "💖💖 Michelle Obama sharing her knitting with Robin Roberts Tonight on ABC 💖💖 #michelleobama #robinroberts #goodmorningamerica #knittersofinstagram #iamaknitter"
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celebrity knitting – Eclecticitee
a woman knitting on the beach with two children sitting next to her and another child holding a crochet
I benefici del lavoro a maglia, il nuovo yoga
two women sitting on chairs in front of a crowd, one knitting and the other crocheting
This "Gilmore Girls" Festival Is Basically The Best News We Could Have Hoped For