Remember these?  I remember getting a new pair of shoes was just getting a bigger size of saddles!

This footwear is from the Black and white Saddle Shoe was very popular featuring chic, thick heals. Another name for the Saddle Shoe is called Casual Oxford, very fun to wear.

Methiolate. for boo boo's

for boo boo's. it would stain every thing it go on and burned you boo boo's. My grandma always had this to put on our cuts no matter how much we begged her not to. We finally just stopped telling her we had cuts.

Dick and Jane books

Dick and Jane readers. Dick, Jane & Sally, Spot & Puff---they lived on Pleasant St. :) These books are my earliest memories of reading. I owe my passion to Dick, Jane and Spot.

1950s Swimwear

bathing suit, swimsuits and swimwear history and fashion guide to choosing a style swimsuit for yourself.

Vintage 1950s Zenith T723 AM FM Tube Table Radio

Vintage Zenith AM FM Tube Table Radio-very similar to clock radio I used to wake up for school

1950s kitchen

Kitchens of the 1950s

This kitchen might not look contemporary today, but in 1950 it was ahead of its time — so much so that House Beautiful chose it as one of three "pace-setting" kitchens of the year.

Play-Doh is one of those revolutionary toys with surprisingly mundane roots. In the early 1950s, Joe McVicker sent some solid, mashable wallpaper cleaner to a classroom after learning that children often found clay too difficult to handle.

All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys

Play-Doh was introduced in 1956 and first manufactured in Ohio. Before it became Play-Doh, it was used as wallpaper cleaner.

The 12 Most Stylish TV Housewives of All Time - Donna Stone, The Donna Reed Show from

Popeye ate HIS spinach

"I'm strong to the finish cause I eat me spinach. I'm Popeye the sailor man" toot, toot

Those were the days...gotta love American was our time to dance along.

American Bandstand - Dick Clark passed away today. It seems fitting to mention American Bandstand here.