- For some reason I think it's so attractive when men carry umbrellas!--it is--the night I met Jon, it was pouring down rain and he carried an umbrella.

men's fashion, men style, casual

men's fashion, men style, casual (I like the overall look for David; not necessarily the jeans, but the skull cap and layered tee as well as the chucks)

Christian Bale

5 Obscure Celebrities That I’m Convinced Are Demons in The Sack.

The most interesting thing about Christian Bale is that he has been in different sizes over different periods of time. The Christian Bale diet has always been under scrutiny of the media for all.


Farewell letter from

Dudes Modernos - Tudo o que um dude moderno precisa saber pra viver. Com estilo, é claro.

E Este Cabelo Longo AND Ondulado

I wanted to repost this just so I could say "Dang. He has better hair than I do.

camel overcoat over white tee and washed denim, with brownish-oxblood boots

Try pairing a camel overcoat with navy jeans to create a smart casual look. For a more relaxed take, make dark brown leather work boots your footwear choice.

tiptop shoe pics my fav

Men's Brown Leather Belt, Brown Leather Boat Shoes, Tobacco Chinos, and White and Blue Gingham Longsleeve Shirt


Beards - Ive seen a lot of classy men not shaving and Ive been doing it myself also for a while. Its a trend to keep an eye for. Advice for men with the option of growing a beard: try it for a month and see what Fashion Fashion

Adam Gallagher (photo courtesy of Fred from BLUE PERK ) - Dissonant