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33 Fun Halloween Games, Treats and Ideas for your Halloween Party

Cute bucket toss idea for carnival party. It's Written on the Wall: 22 Fun Halloween Games, Treats and Ideas for your Halloween Party

Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Pizza Watermelon

My LIttle Pony Party I can still pin ideas 2 days before the party, right

My LIttle Pony Party: This has my favorite ideas! Twilight sparkle reading corner, Sugar cube corner (dessert table), Twilight Sparkle's Magical Pony Punch, Rarity's boutique (dress-up and photo booth)

My Little Pony Party: Love these cute ideas for mlp party  By: Chocolate on Toast:

Rainbow manicure for a Rainbow Dash. My Little Pony birthday party. really cute idea for station at brithday party for my little pony party

Great Antipasti Skewers. If I ever have a party for grown ups, i'd feed them these.

Antipasto Kabobs - Serving antipasta can turn into looking like slop on a plate. great solution - kabob it up! and everything is better on a kabob anyway!

Adult Party Games

Playing Funny Party Games at a Dinner Party, played the new name party game for my daughters bay dinner.

LOVE this.... some one have a baby so I can make this for you <3

Baby Fruit Salad - My sister did this for my shower last year and it was SO cute and perfect! (my 3 yr old niece was excited to tell grandpa she "ate a baby.