this is true.

OMG I hate it when guys wear skinny jeans.actually I hate skinny jeans on ANYONE!

This is awesome.

The Gay Avenger…

Funny pictures about Gay Avenger. Oh, and cool pics about Gay Avenger. Also, Gay Avenger photos.

Hilarious :)

Need a mulligan.

"It's Jason Bourne time." When is it NOT Jason Bourne time, really?


Funny Confession Ecard: That moment when you have so much shit to do, that you decide to take a nap instead.

Aziz on texting. Hahaha:::: This is why I love aziz!!!!

He is halitosis Aziz on texting. The reason girls think this is funny is because it's true. We do that. and usually if we don't text you back right away we're *hoping* you uninvite us to the pizza party. Though, I would never do that to Aziz.

Lol awkward

Taylor, please…

How friends should always be.

Funny pictures about When I find good music. Oh, and cool pics about When I find good music. Also, When I find good music.

Truest of them all

"I'm shy at first, but once I'm comfortable with you, get ready for some crazy shit" yup this is me