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Who knew ? tricks and timesavers

Who knew ? tricks and timesavers

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Orajel for Mosquito Bites- This is a sure fix for mosquito bites. Every time you get bitten by a mosquito, use Orajel or any toothache gel medicine and it works! It stops the itching instantly and will not itch again. It isn't greasy, sticky, or smelly. It's convenient to put right in your pocket. I MUST TRY THIS.

Use a Fitted Sheet as a Box Spring Cover!

BAKED Sweet Potatoe Crisps!! (2 sweet potatoes, egg whites, Parmesan rosemary) Grate potatoes, mix ingredients, shape patties, bake!

rather than bowls counter top

Another Pinner Said: This woman's blog is outstanding! If you need organization...Pin now, look later. I saw this pin about 45 minute ago and have not stopped looking at her projects since

2 part hydrogen peroxide to 1 part Dawn (original blue) will take the stains out of almost ANYTHING...even if they're old stains! // Mix in a spray bottle and use as a stain remover spray- Need to try this!

THE best stain remover ever. Even for old stains. Every mom needs this recipe - 2 parts hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 part baking soda and 1 part dish detergent

Magic Eraser uses... did you know you can cut a piece off and float it in your toilet overnight and voila! no more toilet ring! -clean window screens (even when they are still in the window) The website has a list of about 100 uses!

Kitchen Aid tips and tricks

Homemade carpet powder , also a reader wrote:According to a friend, if you add a cup of borax to this mixture it will kill any bugs that may be in your carpet! (fleas, etc!)Another said:I use nutmeg or clove ground with baking soda, and everyone can't find why my house smells so inviting and homey.

Who knew??

blue pants 2B

*Instead of using extra laundry detergent to pre-treat, turn to white chalk. Simply rub onto greasy stains and the chalk powder will absorb the grease, making the stain easily removable by the laundry soap in the wash. It might sound silly, but it has worked wonders for everything from lipstick to bacon grease.

35 Lifechanging Ways To Use Everyday Objects (some I will HAVE to remember ! lol)

Can't find your watering can? No problem!

"I started doing this and will never stop! My tub shower are always spotless-so simple." DIY :: Shower and Tub Cleaner: fill wand half and half. Wet surface and scrub. wow!"

Need to remember this ... so many clothes I thought were ruined... Chalk will remove grease stains from clothes. Simply rub the stain with chalk, then toss in the wash as normal.

a cake stand or tiered plant stand as storage! so pretty.

Vinegar Tips - Cleaning with Vinegar

Clean Foggy Headlights!! (cheap and easy alternative to store bought solutions)

Use dollar store soap boxes to organize card games - great idea!!

Kleenex Box for the Car (keeps it from getting crushed)

Make your own cooking spray without the nasty additives!? One part olive oil to five parts water. Shake before each use! SIMPLE! Well now I just feel silly for ever using PAM.

bleach wipes, baby wipes, glass wipes, and hand sanitizing wipes. each batch costs about 75 cents to make.

Cinnamon in the sandbox - It keeps the bugs away!